Week 1 -Daily Read Aloud Books

So now that we are all spending time at home, we wanted to share some of our favorite children’s books.

There’s one for each day of the week. After listening to each one, you can ask your child, “What was your favorite part?” “Does this book remind you of another book or something else?” Asking these questions or other questions that prompt discussions, will help build your child’s comprehension skills which is a vital part of reading!


First up? Our beloved Elephant & Piggie in, “I like Slop!”

Next up, What happens when the lowercase alphabet letters decide to climb up a coconut tree? One of our kiddo’s favorites, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Can you write all the letters in your name?

Our Third book for this week is about a little bear who lost his button. No one wants to buy him until a little girl comes by and decides she really likes him! Can you draw a button for Corduroy? It begins with a circle.

For our fourth book, Let’s look up to the Moon and Stars. Can you draw a picture of the moon and stars?

That book reminded me of this book, Papa Please Get The Moon for me. Do you think we could really get the moon if we had a very tall ladder? Hmm… I wonder how tall that ladder would have to be.

Can you think of a story about the moon? Can you draw a book that will show your story? Have fun and use your thinking power!

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