Letter Review- Before the activity, first review letters and their sounds by singing the alphabet song that we sing in class!

Activity- Alphabet Race! This game is great to help your child get up and moving with letters. Place 3-5 Letter cards faced up on the table. Have your child stand by the door of the room as you call out a letter then say “Go!”. Your child must run to the table, find the correct letter, and race back to tag the door holding the correct letter. Have your child write /trace the letter found on a separate sheet of paper to allow them to keep track of the letters found. Continue until all letters are called! (HINT: keep the cards your child struggles with and use them in the pile again!)

**Challenge Options..

-call out the letter SOUND instead and have your child find the letter. Ex. to find B “Find the letter that says /ba/ ..Go!”

– call out a short word that begins with the letter you want your child to find. Ex. to find D “Find the letter that Dog starts with.. Go!”

10 Sets of Free, Printable Alphabet Flashcards

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