Dance and Move with GoNoodle!

GoNoodle - Kids Videos - Apps on Google Play

In the house and want to get moving more? Well create a monster and get your body moving each and everyday on GoNoodle! We often used GoNoodle in our PreK class as brain breaks to help students take a break from learning. Thousands of schools around the country use GoNoodle in their classroom. Check it out!

Get Yo Body Movin - Koo Koo Kanga Roo | GoNoodle - YouTube

It’s FREE to make an account and your child will even have fun building up their monster. Grow your monster by dancing to 10 videos and watch your monster Level Up! We loved to count after each video to see how many points we could get for our monster, then we would challenge ourselves to do more! has all kinds of videos for you and your child! There are videos to calm and relax your brain, move around and get your wiggles out, and even silly sing along videos. Either way, if we loved using this in our PreK class, we know you all will love it at home too.

Gonoodle! – EDU 800

Click Here to make a free account and get started! ——- >

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