Welcome to our Online Classroom

Dear families,

It is great to be back in touch with everyone. We have missed our little friends so much and have been very busy working on great home experiences for each of you. I (Ms. Wiggins) know it has been somewhat hectic and even confusing these past few weeks being out of school, but Ms. Pabón and I want to make sure our little ones are still learning and growing. So we have decided to create a weekly blog with fun activities for you to access. Each week, you’ll find:

Story Time:

We will be posting a story for each day. A story you and your child can listen to together. Reading and listening to stories are important because it allows your child to build their vocabulary and enhance their thinking skills. Under the story links, there are questions that you can ask your child either before,during, or after each read aloud to get your child thinking even more critically. Have fun and enjoy these handpicked reads, one for each day of the week!


Each week we will upload a new science activity that you and your child can discover together! Our weekly science activities will strive to consist of simple items that you can find around your home! We want everyone staying safe and having fun at home as much as possible.


In math we will be advancing our knowledge of shapes, number counting, number identifying, and more. Building these base skills will help your child better prepare for the math skills needed for kindergarten! You’ll find games and activities you can do at home.

Reading (Phonics)

We love our letters in PreK! Be sure to review our Alphabet Song every day to help review letters and their sounds! It’s also helpful to have the alphabet displayed some where your child will be able to see each day. Each week we’ll post activities that will help your child to recall those letters and sounds in fun ways! Feel free to play these games daily.

We will be checking in with each of you weekly! While we are sad we can’t meet in person, we want to assure that all of our little friends can continue their learning through fun experiences at home!

Ms. Wiggins & Ms. Pabon

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