Week 2 – Daily Picture Books

Day 1- First up is Henny Penny

Silly Henny Penny thinks the sky is falling. After listening to the book- try to retell the story by making puppets out of paper bags or printing the ones found here! http://www.makinglearningfun.com/themepages/HennyPennyStoryRetellingPieces.htm

Day 2 – Today’s book is Little Cloud by Eric Carle. You might remember his illustrations (drawings) from the Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see book!

Well after that book, I feel like going outside to look at clouds and imagine them to be all sorts of things! Next time you’re out – look up- what do you see?

Day 3- This next book reminds me of Little Cloud – it’s about clouds as well.

Our art project for this week is based on this book. Check out the art blog post for more!

Day 4 – This book is all about the rain.

Can you write the word Rain and draw a picture to go with it ?

Day 5- Our last book for the week is based on a true story ! Have you ever been afraid of a thunder storm ? This writer was afraid when she was a young girl, but her grandma helped her to not be afraid any more. Find out how!

That book always makes me feel like having thunder cake ! I wonder what it tastes like? If you made a cake what would it look like? Would it be tall or short ? Would it be skinny or wide ? What color would it be? Draw a picture and have your parent send me the photo through our class Dojo ! I can’t wait to see what you come up with !

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