Week 4- Read Aloud books

Why read alouds? Listening to books helps our students to grow in language development, literacy skills and cognitive development (the ability to solve problems and develop ideas ). It’s so important to helping them become not just successful in school, but in life ! Read Alouds are a fun and engaging way to promote all of these areas! We’ve picked each book carefully with all this in mind. Enjoy!

Day 1- Do you like rainy days? In this book, The Rain Came Down, by David Shannon, a rain storm comes to a small town and lots of things begin to happen! We call it chaos. Chaos there’s lots of confusion and maybe even a mess.

Which was your favorite animal? Can you draw a picture and give it a talking bubble? What will you have your animal say?

Day 2- Today’s book is, Worm Weather, by Jean Taft. Have you ever noticed that sometimes worms are out and about? Let’s look at this book to find out, what exactly is worm weather?

If you have some clay or playdough at home, can you make a very, very, very long worm?

Day 3 – What will the Weather be like today, by Paul Rogers, is our story for today. Have you ever wondered what the weather would be like? Will it be rainy, sunny, snowy, or windy? Let’s see what happens in this story with the weather!

Day 4- Maybe you’ve seen the movie, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs? But did you know it was first a book? Yes! It was ! A story by Judi Barrett became a movie but first came the book so let’s take a look at that now.

Oh friends, if you could make it rain anything you want, what would you make it rain? Draw a picture of it and then share a photo of it by sending it to us on DOJO!

Day 5- Our last book for this week was first a song! Somewhere over The Rainbow! It’s a magical place where dreams really do come true. I hope you think of happy things while you listen this book and even long after it ends!

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