Week 4- Reading

Before the activity- Practice pointing to each letter as you sing the alphabet. Remember to say the sounds of each as well! Click this ABC picture below to go to the link to practice your alphabet before the activity!


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Activity: Rain Cloud Letters

You will need: -Tray or plate -Shaving Cream -Letter Cards -Paper Towels

Rain forms from rain clouds. Lets see if you can use these rain clouds to help you create letters!

For this activity, start by placing some shaving cream on to a tray or plate. Invite your child to use their hand to spread the shaving cream so that its all over the plate. Next, flip over a letter card and have your child name that letter. Next have your child create that letter in their rain cloud. Easily erase the letter by smearing it and get ready for the next letter! Continue until all letter are written. (if your child is having trouble writing, place your hand over their and help guide them on creating a legible shaped letter) Always congratulate your child to keep their confidence going!

Challenge: Instead of showing your child the letter to name and create, call out the letter and see if your child can create it without looking at the letter card. Then show them the letter to see if it matches what they drew.

Shaving Cream Letters: Combine letter learning practice with sensory play by having kids learn to write letters in a tray filled with shaving cream! This activity has so many benefits for kids, especially making it easy to fix "mistakes." || Gift of Curiosity

If your child is pretty consistent with naming letters, move on to sounds! Name a letter sound “Mmm” and have your child write and say what letter they heard. You can even have your child create a letter based off of the beginning or ending sounds in a word. Ex. Whats the last sound you hear in the word “cap?” Have your child write that “P” into the cloud.

Have fun with this messy learning creation. Don’t forget to share a picture with us on class dojo to tell us how it goes!

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