Week 5- Literacy

Before the game: Click the picture to dance to the freeze dance game to help your child warm up for rhyming words! ———>

Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze | Rhyming Words for Kids | Exercise ...

Rhyming Basket!

I learned this super fun game from PreKinders.com. Not only is it fun but it will help your child prepare for recognizing rhymes in Kindergarten! Place random objects in a basket and pass the basket around the circle to each child. If playing with just one child, he/she may keep the basket the whole time. As the child holds the basket, say a word (such as “fizzers”) and they pull out the object that rhymes (“scissors”). You can use any objects because it doesn’t matter if the rhyming words are real words or nonsense (made up) words.

rhyming basket

Remember when teaching your child to recognize rhyme, the ending needs to sound the same as the actual word, so only change the beginning sound. For example, if the object is Book, say the word “mook.” Others would be: Spoon…”foon” Lego…”mego” Phone…”sone” and so on.

Challenge: Challenge your child by you taking the basket of objects and having your child come up with a rhyming words that matches an object in the basket! It’s easier for a child to listen to rhymes but when they can INVENT their own rhyme then they are really challenging theirselves. ( if your child is struggling with this, then continue with the original game to give them more practice until they master it.)

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