Week 5- Math

Before the game: Sing and dance along to the video to practice counting and recognizing numbers! —————->

Counting on Nature – Cromwell Valley Park Council

Pom Pom Toss!

This game will help your child learn numbers and beginning math skills! The object of this game is to toss pom poms into the hula hoop and count how many landed inside!

Use a hula hoop (or draw a medium circle) to place on the ground. Use flash cards or write out numbers 1-10 and spread them out on the side. Have your child toss 10 pom poms or cotton balls all at once into the hula hoop. Have your child count how many landed inside the hula hoop, then find the correct number on the flash card.

Hula Hoop Displayed On A Lawn Outside. Stock Photo, Picture And ...

Knowing how active my little friends are, I know you guys will LOVE getting to throw the pom poms into the circle and running to count how many made it! If you don’t have pom poms or cotton balls, grab a new sponge and cut it up into small pieces for your child to use.. this works great as well.

Challenge! Challenge your child by working with numbers 1-20 instead, which allows them to work on teen numbers!

Challenge! If your child counts and matches numbers 1-20 well, move to some Kindergarten math! Have them toss 10 pom poms into the hula hoop, count how many inside the hula hoop and count how many are outside. Ask them what two numbers made 10? If 4 are inside and 6 are outside, that means 4 & 6 makes 10! Toss them again and see what other two numbers make 10!

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