Week 6- Literacy

Before the activity: Practice rhyming with this listening and repeating dance video. If your child rhymes well, get them to say a 3rd rhyme after Jack Hartman says the first two! If your child is still learning rhyme, ONLY have them repeat the two rhymes after jack hartman says them so they ca practice hearing and repeating those rhymes!


Rhyming Hopscotch

This week we will be continuing with rhyming! We’ll have some great weather this week so let’s take our practices outside!

Hopscotch Math | Hopscotch, Childhood memories, My childhood memories

Use chalk to draw a hop scotch game on the cement. Instead of drawing numbers in the squares, draw simple 3 letter objects into each square. Three letter words can be words like cup, mop, pig, car, sun, etc. Yell out 2 words that rhymes with an object in a square like “lop , sop”, have your child repeat those 2 words, then they will hop to the appropriate rhyming object “mop”.

Ex. Parent: Which object rhymes and sounds like tup, lup?

Child: “tup lup” (hops to the CUP picture) “oh tup, lup, CUP”

See if your child can find all 10 objects to the rhyming words that you call out!

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