Week 6- Math

HappyNumbers !

This week we will use Happy Numbers to check in with our math skills on HappyNumbers.com. Lets try to reach 40 mins! Thats 10 minutes Mon-Thursday, or two 20 minutes sessions Monday and Wednesday! However is convenient for your child at home, lets try to reach a goal of 40 minutes total!

Happy Numbers - Clever application gallery | Clever

This week I want you to sit alongside your child to help guide and monitor their progress. If your child is getting the wrong answer, it’s best to question their choices than to just tell them the correct answer. “I notice the game says to touch the object with 4 spots but you touched the object with 2. Did you count the dots? Let’s try counting the dots and see if you come up with a different answer.”

By using questioning, this allows your child to think and gives them opportunity to come up with logic and strategy to help them with the practices that come ahead.

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