Week 7- Read Aloud books

Day 1- Today’s book is entitled, Bugs, bugs, bugs by Bob Barner. Can you follow the words as he reads? Can you write the word bug without looking at how it’s spelled? Listen to the sounds carefully – stretch it out and see how close you get!

Day 2- Today’s read aloud is A non-fiction book entitled -Bugs are Insects. Do you remember what non fiction means? It mean it will give us information or facts about the topic. Ready to learn more about bugs? Come listen to this book!

Day 3- Pattern Bugs by Trudy Harris takes us through some pattern noises that bugs make- can you find patterns in nature? On the flowers? Birds? Bugs? Sounds that you hear?

Day 4- I like Bugs by Margaret Wise Brown. The words, I like, are words we write often in kindergarten. Try your best to write I like and then draw the type of bug you like best. Send us a photo of your work on Dojo!

Day 5- Very Grouchy ladybug by Eric Carle. Do you ever feel grouchy when you’re hungry. Grouchy means you feel a little angry and maybe you’re in a bad mood. It just seems like nothing can make you happy! Even when others are kind to you. What do you do when you feel like this? This ladybug didn’t make good choices when she was feeling grouchy but we can try! Can you think of something you could do to help yourself feel better when you’re grouchy? Sometimes taking a rest or eating or dancing helps me! What helps you?

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