Week 7- Literacy

Before the activity: Before playing Move it Move it, watch the video below to help you familiarize with how to use objects to help you count the words in a sentence.

Move it Move it: This game is important because it helps with hearing words in sentences, which will then help them learn to break down parts of speech for spelling,  reading, and writing in kindergarten!  Once able to do sentence breaking, they will be able to move onto more difficult tasks such as breaking down compound words (Butter-Fly), and single syllable words (c-a-t).

Play- Give your child 3-5 blocks, beads, bingo chips or similar items. Say a sentence and have your child move an object for each word they hear in the sentence.  

  • Alternate activity uses: Use playdough or pieces of rolled up tape to push or tap for each word they hear.  
  • Place beads on a pipe cleaner or piece of thick yarn and move a bead for each word they hear. 

Ex. The bunny is white. (4 words) | I am eating. (3 words) There are no more dinosaurs. (5 words)

Each time you say a word pull a counter down.

Set the record! See if your child can count up to 5 words in a sentence. Once they do this then move onto longer sentences with 5-8 words!

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