Week 7-Math

Before the activity: Count to 100 with your child by doing a counting workout with our friend Jack Hartman!

  • Game: Move and count. How many groups of 10 movement activities can you do? Can you get to 100? Can you go higher? Below are some examples:
    • Do 10 jumping jacks.
    • Do 7 arm circles.
    • Hop 5 times.
    • Walk forward 12 steps.
    • Walk backward 3 steps.

Make a stack of numbers cards 1-20, then make another pile with pictures/words such as Hop, Jump, Run, Kick, Wiggle, etc. Have your child pick a number. Say and count to that number out loud together. Then pick a pile from your movement words. See what combination you get and try to make it to 100 movements!

It’s important for you child to stay moving while home but as well practicing counting and cardinality, which is used often in Kindergarten!

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