Week 8- Literacy

Compound Words! Last week we worked on breaking down sentences. This week we are working on breaking down words from compound words!

Compound Words-a word made up of 2 smaller words (basket-ball=BASKETBALL)

Before the game: watch the compound word video below to practice using some compound words.



Add a twist to the classic game of Memory using compound words. Introduce this and model how to play, then let your child practice.

  1. Make picture word cards for the compound word using its two individual words. For example, draw a picture of a tree on a square of paper, then draw a picture of a house on another square to make the compound word TREEHOUSE! Write the word at the bottom of each picture to increase reading practice.
  2. Do this for several compound words (see list below). 
  3. Next, flip the cards facedown.
  4. Take turns flipping over 2 cards, saying/reading each one. 
  5. Finally, if they flip over the 2 cards that go together (tree & house), they get to keep them and get a point. 

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