Week 8 – Read Aloud Books

Day 1- Our first book for the week is entitled, All about Bugs. You can follow along as you learn some interesting facts about bugs !

Day 2-For this book, you will need a grown up to help you read along. It also has some great facts about bugs! https://youtu.be/I70pFR_t0Lw

Day 3- This book, entitled Sam and the Firefly is a fun adventures book about an owl and a firefly! Have you seen any fireflies lately? I wonder what adventures they’re up to?

Day 4- The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle is a book about a spider. You may think a spider is an insect – but it’s not. By now you know so many facts about insects, can you guess why? Well my little entomologist (fancy word for scientist who studies bugs) it’s because a spider has 8 legs not 6! All insects have 6 legs! Also the spider doesn’t have 3 body parts. But lots of people call spiders, bugs. I guess Anything little that crawls around could be called a bug or a mini- beast but never an insect!

Day 5- Butterflies are one of my favorite bugs! This book is entitled, Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert. I wonder how butterflies can wait so patiently so get their wings. They must practice being patient a lot!

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