Week 9- Writing

One of this week’s read aloud stories is a book called Lola Grows a Garden. In the story, we learned that Lola and her family work together to grow their own garden.

If you were growing your own garden, what would yours look like? What flowers would you have in your garden? What colors would you see? what insects would you find near by? Would there be short flowers, tall flowers, or both? Ask these questions to your child to help get them to brainstorm before the writing activity.

Family Gardening - Stock Photo - Masterfile - Rights-Managed, Artist ...

This week i’d like you to be an illustrator and create your own garden using paper and colorful writing utensils! Illustrate what your very own garden would look like If you worked hard like Lola to create a beautiful garden.

Lola Grows a Garden

Labeling: Remember to label your picture when your drawing is complete! Labeling is the foundation to learning to write as you will do in Kindergarten.

Just as we do every week, after your drawing, I want you to use beginning sounds to label your picture! What is the first sound you hear in flower? Write the letter f next to a flower. What is the first sound you hear in LadyBug? Write the letter L next to the lady bug in your picture.

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