Week 10- Read Aloud Books

Day 1- Linnea is a little girl who gets to visit a very famous artist’s garden! Take a look in this book, entitled, Linnea in Monet’s Garden, to join her as she explores the garden.

Day 2- Did you like all the plants in Monet’s garden? I wonder if there were any plants in his garden that we could eat? Have you ever eaten a plant? What kinds of plants are safe to eat? Take a look at this book, entitled, Plants Feed Me.

Day 3- Did you know that rabbits like to eat the thirds we plant in our gardens? It’s true! They to eat! I wonder what else they like to do! Here’s a little rhyming book about rabbits, entitled, The Habits of Rabbits.

Day 4- This rabbit gets into a little trouble when he goes into the Farmer’s garden. Will he be able to solve his problem? Enjoy a beautiful reading of The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

Day 5- In this book, Tops and Bottoms, a bear likes the idea of planting things he can eat but each time he gets tricked by a rabbit! Find out how in this book!

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