Week 10-Literacy

Before the activity– Sing a long and dance to the video below to help recall the alphabet letters and their sounds!

Memory Game!

This is a fun memory game your child can play to help them recall alphabet letters.

As we prepare for Kindergarten we want to make sure we keep our alphabet knowledge fresh for the coming months.

Game: Memory

Place about three letters on a tray, cover them with a cloth, and take one away. When the letters are uncovered, children guess which letter is missing. If the children are very interested in writing, they can write the letter that is missing on a Piece of paper with marker or crayon!

Challenge: To increase the difficulty of this game, try using 4 or 5 letters. Another options is to place three letters on the tray, cover them, and ask the children to recall all three letters that were on the tray.

Source: (prekinders.com)

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