About Us

Hey guys it’s Ms. Wiggins and Ms. Pabon (the teachers behind two teachers and some plants ) Here’s a little more about us!

Ms Wiggins:

My name is Ms. Danisha Wiggins and I have been teaching young children for 6 lovely years! It is my long term passion that I plan to fulfill and build on for many years to come!

I have had plenty of teachers that I work alongside of but I can say without a doubt I am happy to have Ms. Pabón on my side to team up with me and help grow the minds of our little friends!

One thing I love about teaching is being able to consistently multitask for students while still allowing children to reach their social and academic goals. Everyone has their own necessities that must be fulfilled and I as a teacher, love finding that balance to try to meet everyone’s needs . We all are so different but once we come together and meet at that balance point I know we can all succeed. 

While we are all working and learning from home, my main goal will be to utilize this online portal, along with Class Dojo, to make sure all students and families’ needs are met! I hope all of my little friends can benefit from our online learning tools and become well prepared for Kindergarten! 

Check out the activities and let me know what you all think!


Ms. Wiggins ☺️✨

(Photo cred: Ms. Wiggins)

Ms. Pabon

Hola familias ! I’ve been teaching Kindergarten and Prek for a long time. Like Ms. Wiggins I have a Birth- Kindergarten teaching license and love working with young learners! Young students always say something outside of the box, are creative and wonder about so many things! I love looking for answers alongside them! Ms. Wiggins and I both met when we taught Kindergarten classes right next to each other. We became fast friends and really enjoy making each other laugh ! The one thing that is best about working together is we always press one another to become better and better teachers ! We love our kiddos and our passion for teaching ! We hope you’ll find this online journey, that’s new for us too, as exciting and fun as we hope it to be. All my love,

Ms. Pabon

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