Congratulations Class of 2037

We made it! You guys have worked so hard this year and Prek and made some great memories with each other. Ms. Pabón and I know your kindergarten teachers are going to be so proud to have you all in their classes this year! We know you will have lots of fun.

PreK Class end of Year Celebration! 2020

Before you go, we want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for such a wonderful year in Preschool this year and wish you nothing but the best! If you ever need anything, we will always be here 🙂

Remember to Teach Your New Friends the PreK Family Rules :

Be Kind.. Be Safe.. Be Neat!

Stay Ready!

To help you stay ready for kindergarten, here are some things you should practice this summer to prepare for being the best kindergartener you can be!

(if youd like any of these printed or sent to you electronially please email me ( or send me a message on Class Dojo !)

Welcome to Week 10!

Hello friends and family! Ms. Pabón and I hope everyone is staying safe during these times away.

This is our second to last week together and it has been a fun adventure! If you have not picked up your child’s belonging from the school please call and schedule a time to do so by this week.

Next week we will post games that you and your child can do in celebration your success in Preschool! Do your best in our last assignments this week and we can’t wait to celebrate with you in next week’s activities!

Flower Gardening: How To Start A Flower Garden

If you have not sent me all of your child’s assignments please do so by the end if this week, including the ones from the previous weeks.

Week 10-Literacy

Before the activity– Sing a long and dance to the video below to help recall the alphabet letters and their sounds!

Memory Game!

This is a fun memory game your child can play to help them recall alphabet letters.

As we prepare for Kindergarten we want to make sure we keep our alphabet knowledge fresh for the coming months.

Game: Memory

Place about three letters on a tray, cover them with a cloth, and take one away. When the letters are uncovered, children guess which letter is missing. If the children are very interested in writing, they can write the letter that is missing on a Piece of paper with marker or crayon!

Challenge: To increase the difficulty of this game, try using 4 or 5 letters. Another options is to place three letters on the tray, cover them, and ask the children to recall all three letters that were on the tray.

Source: (

Week 10- Math

Before the activity: practice working out and counting your numbers to 100 with Jack Hartman!

HappyNumbers !

This week in math we will stay in our pattern of switching back between HappyNumbers and individual math activities. This week we will be our last week using Happy Numbers! We all have made so much progress these past few months using HappyNumbers and I want everyone to have fun utilizing it this week.

I love to use Happy Numbers for math lessons! (With images) | Math ...

Do your best and enjoy the Dinosaur adventure you are currently finishing!

If there are any questions in regards to finishing your last level please reach out to me and I can help.

Week 10- Writing

In this week’s theme, we will continue learning about Gardens!

Crafting paintings from memories - Painted Stories

In our read aloud this week we learn about how many characters come across gardens, and some even grow food in their garden. Would you grow food in your garden? What types of food would you grow? Would there be vegetables?

For this weeks writing assignment, I want you to be creative like Calude Monet! Create a garden with your favorite vegetables. Though, like in Claude Monet’s painting Bridge Over a Pond, see if you can use water colors or your favorite paint colors instead of crayons!

At the bottom of your paper, leave space to write the name of a vegetable thats in your garden.

Have fun with your creativity, use many colors, and do your best!

Week 9- Literacy!

Before your activity, play the learning video above to practice breaking down syllables in words! All month we have been learning how to break down sentences and words. This week we will focus on breaking down parts in a word, syllables!


Syllable: a word, or a part of a word with one vowel sound.

Object Sorting by Syllables! Find objects, toys, trinkets, in your house and ask your child to sort them by number of syllables in the word. Sorting mats can be made by writing the number 1-4 on pieces of paper. Students place the objects on the appropriate number. If you can find objects with 4 syllables (or more) then you are a syllable master! Good Luck!

See video example below!

Week 9- Math

Before the activity, move and dance along to Baby Shark below to practice counting to 100!

Activity: Counting in The garden!

Read along to the book Counting In the Garden below. After the read aloud, try a number scavenger hunt with your family! Search outside in the garden or yard to find things that you find and count. Just like in the read aloud, start with the number 1 and see if you can go all the way up to 20 ! Draw the objects you count and write the number beside it to keep track of your counting. If you can make it to 20, you are a counting champ! Good Luck!

Week 9- Writing

One of this week’s read aloud stories is a book called Lola Grows a Garden. In the story, we learned that Lola and her family work together to grow their own garden.

If you were growing your own garden, what would yours look like? What flowers would you have in your garden? What colors would you see? what insects would you find near by? Would there be short flowers, tall flowers, or both? Ask these questions to your child to help get them to brainstorm before the writing activity.

Family Gardening - Stock Photo - Masterfile - Rights-Managed, Artist ...

This week i’d like you to be an illustrator and create your own garden using paper and colorful writing utensils! Illustrate what your very own garden would look like If you worked hard like Lola to create a beautiful garden.

Lola Grows a Garden

Labeling: Remember to label your picture when your drawing is complete! Labeling is the foundation to learning to write as you will do in Kindergarten.

Just as we do every week, after your drawing, I want you to use beginning sounds to label your picture! What is the first sound you hear in flower? Write the letter f next to a flower. What is the first sound you hear in LadyBug? Write the letter L next to the lady bug in your picture.

Week 8

Welcome to week 8 friends!

Aug 20 | Family Nature Series - Beautiful Bugs | Sandy Springs, GA ...

Can you believe it we are already into week number 8 into distance learning. We have learned so much and worked so hard these past 8 weeks. Let’s take the time to applaud everyone for their hard work at at home, including you too parents!

This week we have put together some fun and interesting activities that are going to help your child build skills for the future. Have fun and get creative with each subject below!

It is important to send photos and feedback on Class Dojo regarding each activity so that we can keep your child on the correct path to their learning.

Week 8- Writing

During our read aloud this week we’ll look into a book called All About Bugs. Here you’ll learn some fun facts about interesting bugs.

What was one fact about a bug that you remember from the video? Can you draw to tell me about it?

Label your picture!

Just as we did last week, after drawing, remember to label your picture! Make a line from an object and have your child tell you what sound the object begins with. “What sound do you hear in the beginning of ‘Bug’?” Draw a line and write the letter B next to it.

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