Week 9- Writing

One of this week’s read aloud stories is a book called Lola Grows a Garden. In the story, we learned that Lola and her family work together to grow their own garden.

If you were growing your own garden, what would yours look like? What flowers would you have in your garden? What colors would you see? what insects would you find near by? Would there be short flowers, tall flowers, or both? Ask these questions to your child to help get them to brainstorm before the writing activity.

Family Gardening - Stock Photo - Masterfile - Rights-Managed, Artist ...

This week i’d like you to be an illustrator and create your own garden using paper and colorful writing utensils! Illustrate what your very own garden would look like If you worked hard like Lola to create a beautiful garden.

Lola Grows a Garden

Labeling: Remember to label your picture when your drawing is complete! Labeling is the foundation to learning to write as you will do in Kindergarten.

Just as we do every week, after your drawing, I want you to use beginning sounds to label your picture! What is the first sound you hear in flower? Write the letter f next to a flower. What is the first sound you hear in LadyBug? Write the letter L next to the lady bug in your picture.

Week 9- Read Aloud

Day 1- In our first book for the week; Up, Down and Around by Katherine Ayers, we’ll see how full of life the garden is every where we look!

Day 2- Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson will ask you to press, count, clap and tap! Are you ready? Then start the book!

Day 3- Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn – shows us how wonderful poems and flowers and cakes with friends can be! Are you ready to plant a garden? What kind of things would you plant?

Day 4- Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, shows us how a garden can have lots of colors! What’s your favorite?

Day 5 – The Sunflower House by Eve Bunting is one of my (Ms. Pabón) favorite books! When I taught kindergarten we planted lots of sunflowers so that we could have a house too! Our flowers didn’t grow very well but wouldn’t it be fun to have a little house made just out of sunflowers? Read all about it here!

Week 9-Art

Sunflowers were one of Van Gogh’s favorite flowers! Look at one of his famous paintings, Sunflowers!

This week for art, use your art medium of choice (paint, chalk, colored pencils or crayons) to draw a vase full of sunflowers. Remember to send your finished drawing to us on Dojo!

Week 8

Welcome to week 8 friends!

Aug 20 | Family Nature Series - Beautiful Bugs | Sandy Springs, GA ...

Can you believe it we are already into week number 8 into distance learning. We have learned so much and worked so hard these past 8 weeks. Let’s take the time to applaud everyone for their hard work at at home, including you too parents!

This week we have put together some fun and interesting activities that are going to help your child build skills for the future. Have fun and get creative with each subject below!

It is important to send photos and feedback on Class Dojo regarding each activity so that we can keep your child on the correct path to their learning.

Week 8- Writing

During our read aloud this week we’ll look into a book called All About Bugs. Here you’ll learn some fun facts about interesting bugs.

What was one fact about a bug that you remember from the video? Can you draw to tell me about it?

Label your picture!

Just as we did last week, after drawing, remember to label your picture! Make a line from an object and have your child tell you what sound the object begins with. “What sound do you hear in the beginning of ‘Bug’?” Draw a line and write the letter B next to it.

Week 8- Math

Before the activity: practice counting to 100 with this fun counting sing along song!


Last week in math we practiced moving and wiggling our bodies while we counted combinations of numbers out loud. This week we are going to use strategies from our Happy Numbers account to build up our math skills!

I love to use Happy Numbers for math lessons! | Math lessons ...

Remember: we want to practice on Happy Numbers for at least 45 mins within the week. This will give your child ample time to practice their personal math goals which will give them time to progress to the next leveled skill.

Week 8- Literacy

Compound Words! Last week we worked on breaking down sentences. This week we are working on breaking down words from compound words!

Compound Words-a word made up of 2 smaller words (basket-ball=BASKETBALL)

Before the game: watch the compound word video below to practice using some compound words.



Add a twist to the classic game of Memory using compound words. Introduce this and model how to play, then let your child practice.

  1. Make picture word cards for the compound word using its two individual words. For example, draw a picture of a tree on a square of paper, then draw a picture of a house on another square to make the compound word TREEHOUSE! Write the word at the bottom of each picture to increase reading practice.
  2. Do this for several compound words (see list below). 
  3. Next, flip the cards facedown.
  4. Take turns flipping over 2 cards, saying/reading each one. 
  5. Finally, if they flip over the 2 cards that go together (tree & house), they get to keep them and get a point. 

Week 8- Science

Ms. Pabon is going on a bug hunt! But she’s not looking for just any bug. She’s looking for insects! Huh? What’s the difference? Check out the video and find out!

Are you ready to go on your own bug hunt? Make sure to ask a parent to go with you first then see how many you can find!

Week 8- Art

Have you ever wanted to draw a butterfly? This week you can practice! Watch this video for step by step ways you can draw a butterfly. Then color the butterfly any way you want. Make sure to send a photo of your finished work to us on Dojo! Happy Drawing!

Week 8 – Read Aloud Books

Day 1- Our first book for the week is entitled, All about Bugs. You can follow along as you learn some interesting facts about bugs !

Day 2-For this book, you will need a grown up to help you read along. It also has some great facts about bugs! https://youtu.be/I70pFR_t0Lw

Day 3- This book, entitled Sam and the Firefly is a fun adventures book about an owl and a firefly! Have you seen any fireflies lately? I wonder what adventures they’re up to?

Day 4- The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle is a book about a spider. You may think a spider is an insect – but it’s not. By now you know so many facts about insects, can you guess why? Well my little entomologist (fancy word for scientist who studies bugs) it’s because a spider has 8 legs not 6! All insects have 6 legs! Also the spider doesn’t have 3 body parts. But lots of people call spiders, bugs. I guess Anything little that crawls around could be called a bug or a mini- beast but never an insect!

Day 5- Butterflies are one of my favorite bugs! This book is entitled, Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert. I wonder how butterflies can wait so patiently so get their wings. They must practice being patient a lot!

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