Writing Activity:

Conveying messages through drawings!

Draw a picture that shows me what your favorite food is. Ask your child open ended questions to help encourage critical thinking and help them to develop their critical thinking skills. This helps to support their work rather than just saying “Good Job” or “Nice Work”.

I love using these questions from Kids STEAM Lab to help encourage students’ artwork.

1. What can you tell me about your picture?

2. What materials did you use?

3. Where did you get your idea?

4. What is your favorite part of the picture?

5. What title would you give this picture?

6. If you were doing this picture again what you change or do differently?

7. Why did you use the color… (insert color)?

8. What if…. (you had used the color red instead of blue or paint instead of pencil)?

9.  How did you….(make these lines, decide on these colors, or create that shape)?

10. If you had more time what would you add to your artwork? Encourage your child to elaborate on their answers or use the artwork as a starting point for telling a story.

(Source: https://kidssteamlab.com/ )


Letter Review- Before the activity, first review letters and their sounds by singing the alphabet song that we sing in class!

Activity- Alphabet Race! This game is great to help your child get up and moving with letters. Place 3-5 Letter cards faced up on the table. Have your child stand by the door of the room as you call out a letter then say “Go!”. Your child must run to the table, find the correct letter, and race back to tag the door holding the correct letter. Have your child write /trace the letter found on a separate sheet of paper to allow them to keep track of the letters found. Continue until all letters are called! (HINT: keep the cards your child struggles with and use them in the pile again!)

**Challenge Options..

-call out the letter SOUND instead and have your child find the letter. Ex. to find B “Find the letter that says /ba/ ..Go!”

– call out a short word that begins with the letter you want your child to find. Ex. to find D “Find the letter that Dog starts with.. Go!”

10 Sets of Free, Printable Alphabet Flashcards

Week 1 -Daily Read Aloud Books

So now that we are all spending time at home, we wanted to share some of our favorite children’s books.

There’s one for each day of the week. After listening to each one, you can ask your child, “What was your favorite part?” “Does this book remind you of another book or something else?” Asking these questions or other questions that prompt discussions, will help build your child’s comprehension skills which is a vital part of reading!


First up? Our beloved Elephant & Piggie in, “I like Slop!”

Next up, What happens when the lowercase alphabet letters decide to climb up a coconut tree? One of our kiddo’s favorites, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Can you write all the letters in your name?

Our Third book for this week is about a little bear who lost his button. No one wants to buy him until a little girl comes by and decides she really likes him! Can you draw a button for Corduroy? It begins with a circle.

For our fourth book, Let’s look up to the Moon and Stars. Can you draw a picture of the moon and stars?

That book reminded me of this book, Papa Please Get The Moon for me. Do you think we could really get the moon if we had a very tall ladder? Hmm… I wonder how tall that ladder would have to be.

Can you think of a story about the moon? Can you draw a book that will show your story? Have fun and use your thinking power!

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