Welcome Back!

Welcome back friends!

We hope everyone enjoyed their time away from assignments and enjoyed some focused time with family. We are continuously working to find ways to best support each child in our wonderful class. With that in mind, there are some changes we are going to implement effective this Monday, April 19, that we want to share with you!

  1. Parent Feedback on activities. For each activity posted on the blog, we would like for parents to jot down and keep in mind how that activity is going for your child. Whether it is too easy, too hard, or meets what your child is needing to grow. The more you give feedback on how that activity went for your child, the better we can tweak activities and help meet the expectations of what your child needs.

2. Weekly face to face zoom calls. Starting this week we will be conducting one on one zoom calls with you and your child. During these calls we will be discussing how activities are going for you child and how we can better help you all while you are at home. Please do not worry if there is a particular activity that you guys don’t get to for that week. We will base your child’s needs on where your child left off at the previous week 🙂

As always, we are committed to working to find ways to help each of our students and families stay safe at home while staying on the projected learning path that will get our friends ready for kindergarten. We ask that you continue to communicate with us if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas! Thank you all for everything you are doing to help your child grow with us!

Below you will find Week 4’s activities. Enjoy Friends!

Ms. Wiggins & Ms. Pabón 🙂

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