Week 5- Writing

Draw an event from the story!

After reading the stories that are posted for the week, choose one and draw your favorite event from that story!

Ask your child “what was your favorite part from the story? Can you draw it in a picture to show me?” Encourage them to draw all major body parts on a person/animal. Remind them to draw the location.. “Is Curious George outside in your picture? What can you draw next to him to show me he is outside?” Trees, grass, the sun etc.

♡ Curious George Storytelling - The Kite - Cute Storybook Game ...

The Three Little Pigs | Fairy Tale for Children read by Jen Howze ...

After drawing, label your picture! Make a line from an object and have your child tell you what sound the object begins with. “What sound do you hear in the beginning of ‘Pig’?” Draw a line and write the letter P next to it.


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