Week 6- Writing


This week we are outside learning about bugs! Search for a bug that is carrying something. Hmm what is it caring? Where could it be going?

The life of the Chrysocoris Stollii bug in the beautiful grass of ...

Use colors to help draw a picture of the bug you observed that was caring something. Remember to draw a background. Is your bug near grass? What can you draw to show me it is near some grass? How is the weather? IS it warm and sunny? What can you draw in the sky to show me it is sunny out?

Just as we did last week, after drawing, remember to label your picture! Make a line from an object and have your child tell you what sound the object begins with. “What sound do you hear in the beginning of ‘Pig’?” Draw a line and write the letter P next to it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2020-04-27-at-10.30.54-pm.png

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